Hey There, World

It’s been a while. Please excuse my absence as I’ve been holed up in my room with a pile of papers, magazines, and yes, yarn surrounding me, trapping me and making me incapable of blogging. But now finally, I’m out.

For the past month, I’ve been knee-deep in thesis work, finishing up an endeavor I’ve been working on for nine months. I’ve also been designing the Lux magazines and getting it ready for the printer. And I’ve been knitting like mad, trying to finish up some projects for a little shop in San Francisco that will be selling my work (more to come on that). Of course, it hasn’t all been work – I also sat on the steps of the National Archive in Washington, D.C. and ate Salt & Straw ice cream on the rainy streets of Portland (more to come on that as well).

IMG_2960 IMG_2973 IMG_2974 IMG_2975

Last week, after months of careful research, interviewing, and writing, I defended my thesis to my board and my sweet family. And it was quite a success! (Note the pretty lilies my mom brought me and the smile of accomplishment I’m wearing.) I also packaged Lux up for the printers and shipped a little box of my knitting off yesterday, and I feel like the world has opened up a little bit again. Don’t get me wrong – I am wildly excited about and proud of all these endeavors. They make me feel productive and creative. They’re the culmination of my work as a writer, student, editor, and I suppose knitter. But they can also be quite draining, and together all those looming deadlines and massive undertakings can weigh on a person.

Now I hope to have time to plan a trip to Europe (talk about an undertaking), catch up on House of Cards, read my current book – Michael Chabon’s Wonder Boys, bake some zucchini bread, and of course, blog. And with some of those great deadlines behind me, the end of my college career looks shockingly close. Here’s to the next few months!


A Well-Spent Sunday


I’m hoping this is true, because the thought of waking up early for work tomorrow is daunting right now. I have had a pretty restful Sunday though. In fact, my whole weekend has been quite good. Friday after work, some of my fellow interns and I took in a baseball game at Chase Field. We won (and by we, I mean Arizona’s team, because come on, I don’t have much of a vested interest here) and were treated to a fireworks display. And then, like a real 20-something, I joined them for drinks. Yesterday, we celebrated Father’s Day since my dad just got back from Israel. The celebrations included a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, dinner at The Breadfruit, and blueberry pie.

sunday sunday2 sunday3 sunday4 sunday5

But hopefully today will get me though the whole week. This morning over breakfast, Domenico and I devised a list of everything we want to do together this summer. I realize that the summer is almost halfway over, but I really don’t want to squander the second half. Some of the highlights from our list include getting waffles from Waffle Love, seeing a movie at the Pollack Theater and FilmBar, watching all the Star Wars movies (for the first time for me), visiting a really cool costume exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum, taking a weekend trip to Tucson, and going on a night hike. We then took a little walk down to the neighborhood Goodwill. I hadn’t been thrifting in a while and I came across some good finds. My purchases: a vintage, knitted green sweater; a lacy maxi dress, and a straw cloche hat. I think this means I’m going to have to start wearing maxi dresses and hats.

Next, we went to The Street for some boba. I ordered a chai but my choice for next time will be the coconut taro milk smoothie. We wandered through the Asian market next door while we sipped our tea, and I picked up a few things to make veggie sushi this week. I spent the rest of the day doing grown-up Sunday chores like cleaning the house and doing the laundry before settling in with a few movies and and magazines. Bonus: I’m almost done knitting this seahorse, the third installment in my knitted sea creature series. More on that later.

Here’s to a content week!

Sending Father’s Day Love from Arizona to Israel


Happy Father’s Day to all the rad dads in the world. I’m sending lots of love to Israel right now, where my dad is working for the next week. (This photo captures when we first met in the hospital.)

Although he’s not home to celebrate with us today, we do have a Father’s Day date lined up for next weekend; a hug and some foodie gifts are waiting for him. For now, here are some top reasons my dad is great.

1. He made me a wooden Barbie bed when I was little. Dad is pretty handy and crafty, and some of my favorite memories with him were when we worked on the wooden dollhouse I inherited from my grandpa. We spent hours gluing together tiny chairs and music stands or putting up Victorian wallpaper in one of the little rooms.

2. He got me a subscription to magazines like Harper’s, Bon Appetit, and Urban Farm. I love that my dad supports the kind of work that I hope to do someday. He’s had a subscription to Time magazine since he was a teenager and reads everything from Reddit to The Atlantic.

3. He loves movies as much as I do. He also always has good movie snacks like almonds and Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups.

4. He helps me with my garden and built a shade structure for it even though it has never really been successful. AKA he’s supportive even of my failures.

5. He taught us the importance of seeing the world and always took us on great vacations. I haven’t done much international travel, but we spent nearly every summer visiting a new city, everywhere from Seattle to Washington, D.C. These experiences instilled such a sense of exploration in me, and I hope to continue prioritizing travel/movies/magazines/tiny handmade furniture/gardens as an adult and, eventually, a parent.