Graduation Day Snapshots


Two weeks ago, I walked across a stage and received my diploma. Well actually, I walked across two stages in two different ceremonies and was handed a placeholder diploma – my real one is on its way via snail mail. There was the typical fanfare – processionals and fancy guest speakers – but the day was sweetly simple. My parents and grandparents were there, and we all grabbed lunch with Domenico’s family. Between the two ceremonies, Domenico and I played with Raena and watched The Graduate.

Since graduation day, I’ve mostly been working, finishing Mad Men, visiting with friends who have moved on to new and exciting cities and were back to graduate, planning for my upcoming trip to Europe, and housesitting for my parents while they’re in Alaska. As you can gather, not much has changed since becoming a college graduate. I have more time to make dinner after I get home from work and less on my agenda. Mostly, I’m grappling with the idea that this is adulthood. Sure, I was independent and employed while I was in college, but this is officially the beginning of the rest of my life. Unlike the life of a student, there is no end date, no graduation day to mark on the calendar. It’s exciting, overwhelming, distressing and inspiring all at once. Pretty soon I’ll come up with my Master Plan for Life, but for tonight, I’ll just watch Marie Antoinette and plan my trip to Versailles.

grad1 grad3 grad4 grad5


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