Spending the Day Outside


April is right on the cusp of Arizona’s unbearable summer; it’s a magical month when you can still enjoy an afternoon sitting outside, drinking a smoothie and feeding tiny pieces of your apple to hopping finches. And Earth Day, designated to loving the pretty planet we live on, is so perfectly nested in the middle of it.

The other day I was on my way to the bus stop to head to a class in Phoenix, when I decided to walk a slightly different way through campus and pick up a juice. I went past the library to this little corner of campus with an organic cafe, patches of shaded grass, a sculpture art installation, and a playground for the little ones who attend daycare at the university. And as I saw the clusters of students reading and studying or simply enjoying the afternoon, I got really, achingly sad to be leaving college. It was almost a nostalgia for the experiences I didn’t have, the days I spent rushing between classes or home rather than lingering on campus. Being in college offers so many opportunities to do just that; there are little gaps in the day between classes that you can take to yourself. What a beautiful thing!

It’s hard not to be nostalgic about my experiences as a student – both the real and imagined – but I know that there will be other, future opportunities to enjoy little things like spending the afternoon reading a book, leaving the office to get an iced coffee, or working outside for a few hours. Today, drinking coffee on my back patio, I feel like the best really is yet to come.


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