Valentine’s Day Wears


I hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day with your love/friends/pet/favorite meal. I spent the morning watching reruns of Sex and the City (a great Valentine’s Day show) then met up with Domenico to make curried vegetables over polenta. Then we grabbed a tsoynami, I dropped off my Sheepish Heart Bomb hearts, and we headed to the movies to watch the Oscar-nominated short films. It was a lovely evening, and I decided not to take my camera along. Emily did snap a few pictures of my hearts day outfit before I left though. I was totally decked out in my lip-patterned dress, my kissing kids necklace, and my knitted heart hair clip. As you can see, Rae was my valentine for the day.

IMG_5722 IMG_5699 IMG_5728 IMG_5716

The next morning, we went to the VNSA annual book sale, did a little browsing at Frances, and then split some sandwiches at Hula’s. Of course, we did have to do some economics studying, but overall, it was a pretty lovely Valentine’s Day.


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