Eat Here: Bragg’s Factory Diner


This weekend, Domenico and I treated ourselves to a little brunch at Bragg’s before his weekend work shift. It’s a vegetarian/vegan diner that was a family-owned pie factory in its first life. It’s quaint and cozy inside, full of homages to Phoenix and good-old Arizona. Between the two of us we shared pancakes, eggplant bacon, biscuits and veggie gravy, and a coconut-curry waffle. Maybe it’s because it’s a pie factory at heart, but the pancakes and waffles were top notch. Bonus points: They had a weekend special in honor of Leslie Knope and her waffle love.

IMG_2555 IMG_2556  IMG_2558 IMG_2559 IMG_2560

The weather was perfect, so after breakfast, we briefly explored Grand Avenue, which is full of mosaic-tiled planters, colorful galleries, and trees strung with pompoms and tinsel. I’m serious. It’s a technicolor dream of kitsch. I even found a yarn-bombed palm tree scattered with crocheted granny squares.

IMG_2563 IMG_2565

As a side note, on my way to a little hike this morning, I had a super tasty smoothie from 24 Carrots that featured avocado, coconut and lime juice. Plus, I got to visit with my sweet friend Rachel, who works there, briefly. I love how many wonderful and exciting vegetarian/vegan restaurants there are in the Valley. I think my next stop will have to be Nami for some soy ice cream.


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