Christmas Snapshots


I hope you all had a lovely holiday. My whole week was full of Christmas festivities and celebrations. I got to see so many people I love and catch up with some people I hadn’t seen in years. Here are a few moments from my Christmas week.

Monday: Cookie baking with Mom and Emily followed by an extravagant dinner and gift exchange with Domenico and Tommy.

Tuesday: Kaylie and my annual Christmas brunch. It’s one of my favorite traditions and the perfect time to catch up with old friends from high school. As per usual, we ate latkes, sat around the tree, and made big plans for our futures that are approaching very quickly.

Wednesday: Christmas Eve service and a party with Domenico’s family.

Thursday: Christmas morning with my parents. We drank mimosas and cried over sentimental gifts. Then we headed to my grandparents’ house for dinner and good company.


IMG_4738 IMG_4743 IMG_4832 IMG_4876 IMG_4926 IMG_4951
IMG_5001 IMG_5090 IMG_5094


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