Year Eight


Today, Domenico and I are celebrating our eighth anniversary. Yes, it’s true, we started dating when we were only 14, and we’ve stuck with it for eight years. He made me a ceramic elephant, read all my terrible (and maybe some not-so terrible) writing, took me to prom, and taught me how to ride a bike. He’s my confidant, my main squeeze, my greatest supporter, my closest friend.

anniversary2 anniversary3 anniversary4 anniversary5

Our celebration started on Saturday. He brought me flowers, indulged me with a few photos, and treated me to a fancy dinner at The Henry. We order drinks – a real treat for us – and he picked “Regan’s Last Word.” How silly and appropriate! It really is a lovely little restaurant perfect for a special occasions.

We went on to Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo and sipped hot chocolate while looking at about 3 billion twinkling lights. Here’s to future years with my fella!

anniversary6anniversary9 anniversary7 anniversary8


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