The Duce (+ life lately)


Last weekend, Domenico and I joined some friends at The Duce, a joint (joint really is the perfect word to describe this place) we hadn’t been to since freshman year. That first visit consisted of some cute little sliders and a shared ice cream soda. Apparently we’ve grownup a little in the past three years, because this second visit included cocktails and karaoke. You shouldn’t be too grownup though, so after our drinks, we stopped at Melt for some ice cream.

The Duce really is one of the coolest places downtown. It’s housed in a historic warehouse and is at once a restaurant, bar, soda shoppe, fitness/boxing center, and independent clothing store. Madness, I know, but somehow it works. I ordered a cherry sidecar and sipped on it while listening to people belt out Britney Spears and Shania Twain hits. I’m pretty new to the bar scene (and very new to the karaoke scene), but the nighttime vibe at The Duce is just right for me. I’d definitely suggest checking it out in the daytime too though: you’ll order sliders at the counter of a converted streamline camper that now serves as a kitchen and be asked to pick a funny name for your order. I don’t think it gets much better than that.

IMG_2179IMG_2180 IMG_2183IMG_2184 IMG_2186

Other than dancing to karaoke hits of the 90s, I’ve been pretty crazed with work (the kind that starts with home and otherwise), an impending thesis deadline and the stress of an approaching post-graduate life. At the same time, I really just want to be getting ready for the holidays, and I’ve been knitting up a storm. In two weeks, I’ll be totally done with the semester, but in the meantime, listening to Christmas music and knitting presents will get me through it.


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