An Etsy Christmas

gift guide

It’s officially gift-buying and making season! I’m starting to get that crick in my wrist from knitting so furiously, and my list of to-makes and to-buys is growing. It’s one of my favorite times of year, and yes, part of that has to do with the gift-giving. No one wants to admit it, but for me at least, it’s true. I love hand-making people Christmas presents or hunting for the perfect item for someone. I don’t spend the third week of December tearing through the mall in search of something, anything to wrap up for someone. (Ok, maybe once or twice.) I do take pride in planning early and finding thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gifts.

As all the crafters out there know, it’s tough to make every single gift, especially when some of those gifts can take weeks to knit. So, when I need to purchase a present, I love the idea of supporting a fellow crafter. Etsy is a goldmine of handmade and unique gifts. They are still quite personal and are so much fun to give. Plus, these also happen to be the gifts I love to receive. This a little Etsy holiday gift guide of some of my personal favorites. Here’s to a handmade holiday!

1. This glamorous cactus bangle. This is such a classy little bracelet and one of those pieces of jewelry you could wear everyday. I know some desert-loving friends who would appreciate it.

2. A custom return address stamp. Here’s one for the couples!


3. This personalized cutting board. This would make a super lovely gift for a couple. It’s like the adult version of carving your initials into a tree.

4. These woodland postcards. I’ve loved The Black Apple for a while, and this collection of little prints is so charming.

5. A Mendel’s brooch. What do I love more than Wes Anderson movies? Brooches! This would add a perfect touch of whimsy to an outfit.


6. This watercolor print of Zooey Deschanel. How great would it be to hang this in the bathroom?

7. This equally rugged and adorable lunch bag. No more brown-bagging it!


8. Some illustrated tea towels. Ok, notice that these come from the same shop as the lunch bag? I guess this shop is so cute that it deserves two mentions. My favorite are these breakfast-themed ones (1 and 2).

9. A custom dog treat cookie cutter. It’s perfect for the dog-lover in your life.

10. This woodcut camp brooch. It just makes me yearn for summer. If you’re feeling a little more punchy, this shop has some great Parks and Recreation and Arrested Development ones.

11. These custom knitting labels. Yeah, I just really want these. I’ve actually been searching for something like this, and I love that these can be customized. I’m particularly into design #6.


12. This beautiful letterpress calendar. What better way to start the new year?


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