22 Things to do at 22

birthdayTomorrow is my 22nd birthday. I’m past the big 2-0 (I’m no longer a teenager!) and the even bigger 2-1 (I’m a full, legal adult!), which means I’m really in my 20s now. I know that this 22nd year will bring many changes and revelations – on September 30, 2015, who knows where I’ll be. But I’m so excited about the next 365 days, and as a birthday present to myself, I made a little list of 22 small-simple-big-hard-wonderful things I want to do at 22.

1. Pursue selling my knitting. This is already kind of in the works, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself.
2. Read poetry. Poetry is not usually my jam, so this is why I really want to commit to reading it.
3. Go to a Belle & Sebastian concert with my dear friend Rylee. Oddly specific because this is actually happening next week.
4. Have a cute, homemade Halloween costume. Right now I’m thinking Suzy from Moonrise Kingdom, Annie Hall, or Mary Poppins.
5. Weave more. My Pinterest board is filling up with weaving tutorials.
6. Keep some plants alive.
7. See this movie.
8. Spend a whole day baking Christmas cookies.
9. Basically follow every Christmas-related impulse and really appreciate this merry time of the year. I don’t know if I’ll still be in this house for the next Christmas, so I want to store up some memories.
10. Make a photo album of my current home and commit to making that a tradition for all future houses.
11. Explore Arizona more. I’d love to make a trip to Tucson; maybe spend a weekend up north; try camping; hike more.
12. Cut back on my clothes buying but treat myself every now and then to a fancy dress or shoes. Maybe splurge on a nice, adult purse.
13. Get creative with my hair. I love these ideas.
14. Graduate from college with honors.
15. Take fitness tips from Emma. I think she gets me, and her fitness story sounds like it could be mine.
16. Drink more tea. I’m such a coffee drinker, but I really want to develop my taste for hot teas. The approaching winter should be a good opportunity!
17. Work on my Italian.
18. Travel. Hopefully to Europe. (Dream big.)
19. Get a post-graduation job and weather the world of adulthood. Yep, it’s on my to-do list.
20. Make these pancakes.
21. Paint my bedroom furniture.
22. Have more confidence in my writing and just keep doing it. Don’t worry about getting published or recognized. Just write because it’s fun and because it’s part of who I am even after I’m no longer a student – even if my writing only lives here on this blog.


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