Thoughts of Autumn


Well, I missed it by a day, but as of yesterday, it’s officially autumn. Yay! Welcome to my favorite season. It’s the season of my birthday, the start of the holiday season, and the most beautiful weather in Arizona. I get to start drinking hot beverages and wearing scarves. So in honor of this “second spring,” I made a list of a few things I’m looking forward to.


What I’ll be eating: Orange squashes and root vegetables, specifically these sweet potato rolls (which were a hit last Thanksgiving), browned butter butternut squash pasta, and my go-to pumpkin-goat cheese-caramelized onion quesadillas.


What I’ll be making: Giant knitted candy corns and other festive things. It’s also time for me to break out my knitted pumpkin for the front porch.


What I’ll be wearing: My peacoat. So excited.

What I’ll be reading: Unfortunately, mostly stuff for school. That’s not very fair – my academic reading is quite interesting and somewhat festive. For example, my reading list for my magical realism class is a list of classic horror/fantasy short stories from writers like Poe, Kafka, Lovecraft, and Wells. It’s getting me really hyped up about Halloween, guys.


What I’ll be watching: Fantastic Mr. Fox. In the past few years, I always watch this movie on or around Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite Wes Anderson film based on a book by one of my favorite children’s authors taking place during my favorite season. What’s not to love?


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