Weekend at a Plantation

This weekend, I felt like I was living on a Southern plantation in the early 20th century, wandering around fields and lounging in royally decorated sitting rooms. And I suppose I kind of was. My family and the boyfriends went back to Virginia to visit with my mom’s family and celebrate my cousin’s wedding. On Thursday morning, I woke up shockingly early to catch a 5:30 a.m. flight to Charlotte, North Carolina. In Charlotte, we ate some Carolina pulled-pork sandwiches, boarded a little propellor plane that seated 50 people, and headed to our final destination of Lynchburg, Virginia. I was hoping to feel very Jackie O. climbing out of a little biplane onto the tarmac, but sadly, it was not that glamorous. We spent the evening looking at the family heirlooms that decorate my aunt’s house, getting a tour of downtown Lynchburg, and enjoying the chirping sounds of the Virginia forest.

IMG_1479 IMG_1595 IMG_1562 IMG_1558 IMG_1557 IMG_1556IMG_1612IMG_1596 IMG_1609 IMG_1607 IMG_1600 IMG_1599 IMG_1598 IMG_1597

On Friday, we drove to Berry Hill, the site of my cousin’s wedding and the purpose of the trip. The whole place is so Virginia. It’s full of colonial antique furniture and art featuring presidents/Founding Fathers (they sure love Thomas Jefferson back there). Domenico, Emily, Tommy, and I spent the afternoon exploring the property. Especially notable was the family cemetery on the lot – the earliest birthdate we found dated back to the mid-18th century. Then a perfect Southern dinner at Molasses. It was Domenico and Tommy’s first time in the southeast, which made the experience all the more fun.

The next day was the day, but we made use of our morning and early afternoon. We woke up to a drizzly, grey morning, but figured, as desert-dwellers, we should take advantage of it. We went on a stroll to a boggy little lake, and while we were out there, the downpour started (hence Domenico’s Noah from the Notebook-ish look). Then a game of bocce ball, a tennis match, and a swim. Luckily, we cleaned up well for the wedding. The weather also made a good presentation, clearing up for the outdoor ceremony, which was lovely. The rest of the evening was spent chatting, and dancing, and drinking, and eating doughnuts with my cousins, who I too-rarely see.

Just a few days later we made the same trip back through Charlotte and home to Phoenix. It was so brief but sweet – I’m already missing that Southern charm.

IMG_1613IMG_1730 IMG_1732IMG_1737 IMG_1676IMG_1695IMG_1733 IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1736IMG_1741IMG_1698 IMG_1697IMG_1743


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