Drink Dreams

I just walked across campus and from the bus stop home, and I’m close to death. It’s been tortuously hot the past few weeks, not to mention the humidity that crept in today. I was greeted with a blast of cold air when I came in the house and immediately swallowed a glass of water. Although the Arizona heat is quite unbearable, it does make coming inside and having a drink that much more satisfying. Since I’ve cooled down though, I’ve just been fantasizing about all the sweet and refreshing cocktails I wish I was drinking right now. Or rather, I wish it was pleasant enough for me to lounge outside, read my book, and perhaps sip a strawberry basil lemonade. Instead, I’ll sit inside with my air conditioning and dream of these pretty drinks.


1. Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa: I love mimosas – or maybe just brunch in general – so I’m curious about substituting grapefruit juice for orange juice.


2. Strawberry Basil Lemonade Cocktail: Summer in a glass.


3. Peaches and Whiskey Ice Cream Float: Three things I love all meeting for one boozy float! I actually tried a beer float for the first time in Portland and really enjoyed it. This looks like an even tastier take on it to me.


4. Eggnog Shooters: I think I’m just really excited for the holidays and anything seasonal. The heat has me daydreaming of Christmas. Also, I love how much care went into the presentation of these; they’re the only shooters I’d be interested in. Cheers!


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