Sequins + Sunsets


I continue to reminisce about my recent trip to Portland, wishing I was still amid all the greenness, delicious food, and lovely people. So it was nice to get these photos the other day from Ted, our official photographer of the vacation, a.k.a. Kaylie’s boyfriend. These were taken the evening we spent at some name-I-forgot lake. I wore an impractical sequined vintage top that I’d just found the day before, and Ted kindly offered to take some pictures of us/me.

Also, can I just note how perfectly my top matched the sunset, particularly in that last one? The sequins made me feel a little less outdoorsy, but at least the colors were appropriate.

DSC_4007 DSC_3993 DSC_3984 DSC_3973

1551714_10152212824197624_662246407747153578_n 10614269_10152212825007624_4463557237997633086_n 10610728_10152212826267624_2450263712052668355_n



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