Summertime Crafting

Yesterday was possibly my final first day of school (excluding that indomitable possibility of graduate school), which means summer is officially over.  It was a summer of working, movie watching, making coffee runs, visiting much-loved places, and making. I’ve tried my hand at a few new crafts in the past few months, so I thought I’d share my successes and somewhat failures.

summercrafts summercrafts2 summercrafts3

Project 1: Weaving. Making this loom in and of itself was quite a project. Luckily, I had Domenico’s help and my dad’s tool bench at my disposal. I’ve only made one weaving so far, but now that I have my loom, I plan to make more. This tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, and the ones that follow it, is really straightforward.

summercrafts4 summercrafts5 summercrafts6 summercrafts7

Project 2: Knitted sea creatures. This was on my list of crafts to make back in May, and I actually did it! Of course, now I don’t know what to do with them (I’m thinking maybe a mobile?). They are a lot of fun though. I’m working on a little, pink prawn now to round out the collection.

Lobster // Jellyfish // Seahorse


Project 3: Cross-stitch. I used to cross-stitch when I was younger, mostly dolphins and puppies peeking out of wicker baskets at that time. I came across this shop on Etsy and decided to revisit cross-stitching but with some funkier patterns this time. I made this “Don’t Worry” one for Kaylie to decorate her new house with. I love the way it turned out, but it was so much more time consuming than I remember. I actually finished it the morning we flew out of Portland, so it wasn’t exactly stress-free. Ironic considering its message.


Project 4: Embroidered shirt. This was just a simple afternoon project, but did perk up one of my more casual shirts. Yet again, the inspiration came from the lovely Katie Shelton over at A Beautiful Mess. I decided to tackle a shorter phrase – knowing me, I wouldn’t have gotten through hers.

Looks like it’s time to move onto something else new!


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