Dreaming of Portland(ia)


In exactly one week I’ll be frantically packing for a week-long roadtrip/girls’ vacation. I’ll probably be stressing about not being prepared and starving – because hey, I just got home from my last day of my summer internship and who has time to cook dinner? But it will all be okay, because I’ll be on my way to Portland. And along the way, I get to stop in San Francisco for the day. And I’ll be with some of my favorite people.


I haven’t been to my favorite city in more than two years (all photos are a throwback to that last lovely trip), and I’ve definitely been missing it. I also spent a good part of the day watching Portlandia clips and putting birds all over my boss’s desk, because he’s in the rainy city too.

But in 10 days, I’ll be surrounded by green. Enjoying cooler weather. Helping Kaylie set up her cute new house. Visiting lovely shops and bookstores. Eating incredible food like this.


And this. And so many other, new foodie spots to try. (I’m particularly excited about this one.)


So in conclusion …



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