Adventures in Eating: Reathrey Sekong

Tonight, Domenico and I joined our lovely friend Elizabeth for a foray into Cambodian dining. Well, originally we were going to try a traditional Jewish Russian eatery, but the restaurant was randomly closed. Our second choice was Reathrey Sekong, which turned out to be really first-rate. We’ll definitely be going back, and – bonus – it’s right next to my work.

cambodian4 cambodian6cambodian2

Our dinner included a coconut smoothie with boba; spring rolls; egg rolls; crepes with pork, bean sprouts, onions and mint; a beef sandwich with cucumber, cilantro and pickled carrots; and a BBQ sampler platter. My favorite was the sandwich, and at $6, it was a stunner. The second half will be my lunch for tomorrow.

cambodian3cambodian7 cambodian8 cambodian9

Now it’s time to enjoy one of Elizabeth’s homemade brownies made with cayenne and other wonderful spices. Happy eating!


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