It’s Party(Party) Time

IMG_0951 IMG_0952

One of my greatest blog inspirations comes from Elsie and Emma (and their growing team) at A Beautiful Mess. They’re basically living the life I hope to live one day with very cute husbands, beautiful homes, great craft ideas, and sweet dogs. They’re also total pros at taking iPhone pictures, something I’ve never quite been able to master. I knew about the first app they released, but for some reason didn’t pursue it until I heard about the release of their second app – Party Party. And then I had to have them both.

Who knew making a GIF could be so easy? It seemed indomitable to me until Friday morning. But look! That’s a GIF of my dirty chai slowly disappearing at my desk at work! (I had to start playing with it right away of course, so I snapped a few photos of my cube during my lunch break.)


Then, that evening, Kaylie and Rylee came over for some road trip planning, craft making, and sushi rolling. Here’s a (somewhat choppy) GIF of my sushi roll. I’m still getting the hang of it, but so far I’m pretty pleased. Cheers to decent iPhone pictures!


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