Bitter and Twisted + Vovomeena (cocktails + brunch)


Last night Kaylie, Rylee, and I went out to a cocktail parlour that recently opened in downtown Phoenix: Bitter and Twisted. By the time we made and ate these soba noodles and found a parking spot downtown, it was pretty packed. We had an hour to kill and decided to get a drink at Blue Hound Kitchen, another Phoenix cocktail bar that’s been on my list for months. I got a cider at Blue Hound and a very fancy drink at Bitter and Twisted that featured tequila, limoncello, lime, and coconut foam, which you can see gave me a cocktail mustache. As a very inexperienced drinker (emphasis on the very), it doesn’t take much for me to get silly, so this was exactly my idea of a girls’ night out.

bluehound4 bluehound bitter3bitter

While sipping my cocktail at Bitter and Twisted, I had a very Blair moment in which I said, and I quote: I just need to be ready to brunch at 11 tomorrow. It was very true though, because this morning, Mom, Emily, and I drove back downtown for a very tasty brunch at Vovomeena. Besides Screen Door in Portland, Vovomeena is home to my favorite brunch. Our order included the pain perdu, johnnycakes (my personal favorite), and Mexican Benedict. In addition to the food, this place is just so comfy and beautiful. My dream house would look awfully similar to Vovomeena – or I could just live in the restaurant and eat brunch daily.

vovomeena1 vovomeena3vovomeena2 vovomeena4 vovomeena5vovomeena8 vovomeena7vovomeena9

We decided to extend our brunch into a shopping trip to Scottsdale Fashion Square, where my mom treated us to some very nice and very unnecessary purchases. That’s just how my overly generous mom rolls though, and now I have some hair accessories from Anthropologie that I’ve been coveting for a while. After all my outings this weekend, I think I need to spend a solid week eating lunch in the break room at work and cooking at home. I can only take so much glamour. I’ve also realized how much I want/need to spend time downtown. In the past few years, I’ve gotten to know the area fairly well, but Kaylie and my parents have explored less, and I really want to show them all the gems I’ve found. Of course, it never hurts to explore the city that’s in your own backyard.


One thought on “Bitter and Twisted + Vovomeena (cocktails + brunch)

  1. Karen says:

    It was a wonderful afternoon and quite enjoyable spoiling, just a touch. I spoke w/ your dad, waking up for another day in Israel. He is looking forward to coming home soon and I put a bug in his ear to go downtown Phoenix for a belated Father’s Day dinner next Sat. You two choose our next destination. You are so good at it.

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