A Wish-Granting Factory

Yesterday I finished my first week of work at the Make-A-Wish headquarters in Phoenix. Or, put differently, my first-ever week of working full time like a full adult. Spending a 40-hour week at a national organization that truly makes an impact on people’s lives makes me feel pretty put together and grown-up – and not just because of my outfit like the other day. Of course, I’ve still had a few childish blunders, including falling and scraping my knee in front of my supervisor and several other members from my team. I have to say, nothing makes you feel more like an incapable child than falling on your face. But alas, this is my life. Luckily, there was some lunchtime gelato to soften the blow.

This isn’t the type of internship where I’m filing paperwork and making coffee runs either. In fact, I’ve been treated to coffee and lunch several times already – the perks of being new. And best of all? I’m actually writing and getting paid for it. I’ll be posting on the Wish Nation blog and writing stories about wish kids like this one. So far, I’ve composed two blog posts, copy edited a few others, drafted a wish story, and I’ve been assigned to come up with copy for an ad. It’s so exciting to realize the possibilities that lie beyond a newsroom. Who knows if I’ll continue to work in nonprofits after this summer, but it’s nice to know that opportunities exist at organizations like this.

tumblr_n0ncatZY9u1rd21gpo1_500TFiOS tumblr_mkfcab9e0y1rxn7dgo1_4003bf7078ce6f05362907ff0b9362a20ef

On a separate but related note, I just got back from a movie date with my mom and Emily to see The Fault in Our Stars. I read the book over Christmas break as a little palate cleanser between literature classes. I wasn’t a diehard fan or anything, but it was a pleasant, albeit saddening, read. Since the film premiered this week, the office has been buzzing about it, as many of the kids we serve understandably saw themselves in Hazel and Augustus.I must admit that I really did enjoy the movie. I mean, just look at those cuties? Plus there are some pretty great lines in the book, most of which were carried into the film adaptation.

And now, I’m about to leave to pack bags of food for Feed My Starving Children, another nonprofit that I just recently heard about; Kaylie was kind enough to invite me to join her family at a group packing event.


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