Dress Up

5-29(5) 5-29(6)

I felt so put together the other day, that I had to sheepishly ask Domenico to snap a few pictures of me. First of all, I just got a new haircut and fresh dye, so my hair is feeling light for summer. I’d also recently painted my nails, finished my latest knitting project – a cherry brooch – and got a smoking deal on some new Coach Poppy perfume. Somehow, I had gone my entire 21 years without ever buying myself real grown-up lady perfume. Does this mean I’ve finally entered adulthood? Probably not. This is the last weekend before I begin my new full-time job at Make-A-Wish though, so perhaps that counts.

5-29(10) 5-29(2)5-29(8)5-29(3)5-29(4)

Dress – secondhand from Wasteland in San Francisco (during Domenico’s and my recent trip out there) // shoes – Steve Madden // brooch – handmade by me


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