California Road Trip: Days 7 & 8


Ate breakfast at Mama’s, line included.

Said goodbye to San Francisco and drove for six hours to Santa Monica.

Stretched our legs at the beach before sunset.

Walked around downtown and grabbed dinner at The Misfit Bar.

Fell asleep before we could even drink the wine we’d been carrying around the whole trip.

sanfran59 sanfran60

Our seventh day was pretty much all spent in the car, speeding along the I-5 to get to our final destination in Santa Monica. We were able to get the much anticipated breakfast at Mama’s before we left San Francisco. It was certainly good, but doesn’t hold a candle to my favorite restaurant: Screen Door in Portland, or even my local brunch favorite Vovomeena.

santamonica santamonica2 santamonica3 santamonica4 santamonica5

The sun was an hour away from setting by the time we pulled into Santa Monica, so we jumped out of the car and walked to the beach. Also, look how cute our little hotel is. We slept just a block from the ocean and within walking distance of so much good food. We chose Misfit for dinner (one of the best of the trip) and ordered sunchokes (yep, from a type of sunflower), bacon wrapped dates, and a fried chicken sandwich that rivals Phoenix’s Welcome Diner.


Ate a perfect apple rosemary tart from Cora’s on our own little patio.

Spent the morning relaxing at the beach.

Walked around the Santa Monica Pier and rode the ferris wheel.

Ate a taco at Casa Martin.

Drove home with a load of sand in the car.

santamonica7 santamonica8 santamonica9 santamonica10santamonica17 santamonica11santamonica13 santamonica14 santamonica15 santamonica16santamonica18road5

The next morning we lazed around on the beach and pier. I even ventured out into the water up to my waist before a wave pushed me right onto my rear and soaked me. Of course, when you have sand in your dress, you just have to eat a taco, so we grabbed one before making the long drive back to Phoenix. Luckily, I got to come home to my sweet dog and my parents’ newly adopted one, who I had to visit right away, of course.


2 thoughts on “California Road Trip: Days 7 & 8

  1. Karen says:

    FANTASTIC trip! You guys did such a great job planning this. I just might put you in charge of our next family adventure!

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