California Road Trip: Day 3


Took a walk through a lovely neighborhood and hiked to the top of Terrace Hill for a view of the city.

Drove to Morro Bay and walked around the pier, admiring the boats and seals.

Got some clam chowder from Dorn’s.

Drove to San Simeon and toured Hearst Castle.

Made our way up to Monterey along the Pacific Coast Highway.

Stopped at McWay Falls for some beautiful views and photos.

Ate Hawaiian food at Hula’s in Monterey. 

slo8 slo9

We wanted to take advantage of the little time we had in San Luis Obispo, so we decided to wake up early and take a walk through the neighborhood we were staying in up to Terrace Hill – the tiniest hike ever that led to some beautiful views of the city. As you can see, I was still pretty sleepy by the time we made it to the top. Or maybe I just can’t take a picture without blinking. We returned to the hostel for some communal sourdough pancakes. This was my first experience staying at a hostel, and I was really pleased with it. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming – it felt like we were just guests in someone’s lovely house.

morrobay2 morrobaymorrobay3 morrobay4

We drove 20 minutes to the coast and Morro Bay, where we first did some thrifting/antiquing before walking to the pier. It felt so beach-y compared to where we were just half an hour ago, and we even spotted a man towing an airstream with his vintage mint car (sorry folks, I’m terrible at identifying makes/models).

hearst hearst2 hearst3 hearst4 hearst5hearst10 hearst6 hearst7 hearst8 hearst9

Another half an hour and we were in San Simeon, staring up at Hearst Castle crowning the peak of the hill. Our tour was lovely (we chose the upstairs rooms since I had already done the grand rooms), but my favorite part was just roaming the grounds after our tour. I particularly enjoyed all the strange and slightly cheeky statues – especially this gem where the naked woman is feeding a (phallic) corn cob to a fawn. I’d say the property was both humorous and charming.

sealsmcway mcway2

Leaving Hearst Castle was really the start of our drive on the Pacific Coast Highway. We stopped at McWay Falls, which provided the best views of the trip, in my opinion. The drive took us a bit longer than we expected so we only had time to grab some dinner at Hula’s (one of our favorite meals of the trip) and return to our hotel to escape the still-cold wind.


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