California Road Trip: Day 2


Went to Grand Central Market for breakfast.

Visited the Los Angeles Times.

Drove to Solvang for some Danish treats.

Drove to San Luis Obispo.

Walked around downtown San Luis Obispo, stopping at the mission and some sweet little shops.

Ate dinner at Sidecar.

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We didn’t have much planned for our stop in LA but did know that we wanted to grab a bite to eat downtown at Grand Central Market. We ended up with a sandwich from Eggslut, some fresh juice from Press Brothers, and a bacon-potato hand pie from Valerie. Everything was perfect; we thought about venturing out into the city a little more, but the market was so nice and homey. Our host for the evening works at the LA Times and was kind enough to give us a tour of the building before we left the city.

solvang solvang2 solvang3 solvang4

We then took a crazy/winding/beautiful drive to Solvang where we saw some German cuckoo clocks (I wanted to take one home, but they were pretty pricey), heard some Dutch, and ate some aebelskivers.

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San Luis Obispo was such a pleasant surprise. We hadn’t planned anything to do there – it was really just a bed on our itinerary – but we found it to be one of our favorite cities. The only downside to the experience there was that I was woefully unprepared for how cold it was. Central California warmed up to the 90s by the end of our trip, but our evening in San Luis Obispo was in the 50s and extremely windy. My little cardigan didn’t hold up that well.

We stopped in some great little shops downtown though where Domenico bought me a pearl ring and I bought him some pomade. We also found a gum wall, which reminded me of last summer in Seattle. Dinner at Sidecar was top-notch, and we got to go home to this sweet hostel – where we turned in early again.


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