California Road Trip: Day 1



Woke up way too early.

Drove to Carlsbad, CA.

Ate a little picnic at the Flower Fields.

Drove to Los Angeles.

Walked around Koreatown sipping boba tea.

Ate Korean BBQ at Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong.

Tried to watch Blue Velvet but fell asleep in the process.

flowerfieldsflowerfields8flowerfields9flowerfields7flowerfields6flowerfields4 flowerfields2flowerfields5

Domenico suggested that we visit the Flower Fields because they host acres of my favorite flower: ranunculus. The extra drive was definitely worth it, and we just barely made it before the fields closed for the season. The blooms were still beautiful though and the colors were absolutely crazy.

la la3la2

We then drove back up north to LA (thankfully against traffic) and settled into our room for the night at Domenico’s friend’s apartment. We wandered around Koreatown for a while, struggling to read most of the signs and stumbling upon great little things like this Korean Methodist church. It was quite nice to just walk around and enjoy the neighborhood. After getting some delicious boba tea, we landed on Kang Ho-dong Baekjeong for dinner. I believe it was my first Korean BBQ experience, and it was so good. I looked like a bit of a fool taking tentative bites with my chopsticks (which I never learned how to use properly), but I often make a mess when I’m eating. Domenico and I broke into Sal’s movie collection and starting watching Blue Velvet but were so tired after a day of driving that we couldn’t finish it.

Lesson No. 1 from the trip: Travel makes you us so sleepy.


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