Virginia Grits Crackers + Bacon Jam


My aunt and uncle are visiting our little desert home from Virginia. They’ve been staying with my parents, and the four of them are taking off for Hawaii tomorrow. Emily and I will be here. Taking finals. Watering their plants. Anyway, Mom hosted a party last night so everyone could meet them, and Emily and I brought these Virginia-shaped treats: homemade grits crackers with bacon jam.

crackers crackers2 crackers3crackers8

I first came across this recipe from Cherry Tea Cakes a few years ago when Emily and I made them for Mother’s Day, in honor of her home state. Grits are big back east and one of my favorite comfort foods. The jam is just ridiculous. Not only does it have bacon in it, but it also boasts caramelized onions, whiskey, maple syrup (we used agave nectar), and brewed coffee. Eat with caution: they’re pretty addictive and plain terrible for you. It’s the perfect treat if you want to get in touch with your southern side though.

The whole thing is a bit time-consuming, but well worth it. Of course, having the Virginia cookie cutter makes them even more festive (I love that my mom had this), but they’ll be tasty regardless.

crackers4 crackers5 crackers6 crackers7crackers9


2 thoughts on “Virginia Grits Crackers + Bacon Jam

  1. Karen says:

    OK wait. Do I sense bitterness here?? Lol. Love you and thanks for all your efforts in making these. They are delicious.

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