Putting All My (Easter) Eggs in One Basket

eggs11eggs eggs2 eggs3 eggs4

This afternoon, Domenico, Emily and I dyed Easter eggs in honor of the holiday tomorrow. I’m pretty in to the traditional holiday activities – come on, it’s like carving a pumpkin for Halloween but with more colors and fewer vegetable fibers. Plus, I hadn’t decorated eggs in a few years, so it was time.

eggs6 eggs7eggs9 eggs10eggs12 eggs13

We made botanical eggs with herbs and leaves for the first time, and they, surprisingly enough, turned out quite lovely. There’s a little bit of work involved, but I think they were worth it. We used this tutorial from the holiday crafting master: Martha Stewart. I also co-opted Bon Appétit’s adorable egg word art. As a final touch, I had to add polkadots and glitter to a few eggs, but just a few, I promise.

Man, there are so many cute and creative egg decorating techniques out there. I’m really feeling the temporary tattoos on plain eggs thing and might try that next here. I’m really loving this and this tutorial for tattooing your eggs. Oh, and pretty much all of these are perfect. Too bad I came across the website after we finished. Let’s hope I remember that list when Easter rolls around again next year.


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