Celebrate today

celebrateYesterday was a day to have a (mini) celebration. First of all, I purchased this cute little vase that pretty much sums up my feelings. (I think I need to buy myself some little flowers to fill it.) This is a pretty small thing to celebrate, but it brightened my morning, and if you don’t celebrate tiny happinesses, what’s the point?

celebrate3 celebrate5celebrate2celebrate6celebrate4Then I came home and watched Emily get ready for the Barrett formal, which was basically a second prom for her and Tommy. My mom and I spent last Friday night hemming her dress, and our handiwork turned out quite well! It was especially adorable because they attended senior prom together, before they were even dating. (I was the official photographer that night too.) I just had to include these photos because they are too sweet. I especially love the one where Raena is tasting her corsage.

Perhaps the news most worthy of celebration was that I have been accepted as a summer intern at the Make-A-Wish America headquarters in Phoenix. I’ll begin working full time there in June, after Domenico and I have finished our little coastal road trip. It will certainly be a busy summer, and I feel I’ve never had a job this real before, but I’ll be doing work I care about for a nonprofit organization whose entire goal is to spread happiness.

I ended the night with the final Lux meeting of the year, which was essentially a good old-fashioned pizza party. It seems the year is really coming to a close, and it’s crazy to consider that this will be my final summer during college. It seems it, like today, will be a time to celebrate though.



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