Lux Magazine Release Party


Last night, we celebrated the release of the tenth issue of Lux Undergraduate Creative Review. I’ve been working as the assistant editor-in-chief of the magazine for the past year and am so proud of this lovely edition. (That cover art though.) Putting something together that contains so much talent and creativity was such an inspiring experience, and celebrating it with all of the editors and contributors was quite rewarding.

luxrelease luxrelease2luxrelease4 luxrelease6 luxrelease7 luxrelease8 luxrelease9 luxrelease10

The evening went off without a hitch. We enjoyed a performance by Longbird, an ensemble of super talented fellow students. You can give them a listen here. We then viewed a beautiful short documentary, the winning submission in our film category. Linnea, our editor-in-chief, was a pro up on stage, although I made it through a few short statements too. Domenico also attended as my date and official photographer of the evening.

Plus, it looks like I might be taking over the magazine next year. I hope it can live up!


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