Inspiration from The Grand Budapest Hotel


This weekend, Domenico and I enjoyed a fancy dinner date at Citizen Public House, which we’ll definitely be returning to when we’re in Scottsdale. We then got a pistachio almond milkshake from Petersen’s before seeing Wes Anderson’s latest dream movie, The Grand Budapest Hotel. Of course, I loved it. The film, just like his others, lends itself to so much fashion, decor, and culinary inspiration. The color scheme was just beautiful, and all I wanted to do was make/eat Mendl’s courtesan au chocolat that night. Here are some images I’ve been inspired by since seeing the movie.


1. As metioned, these colors. I love this paint swatch.


2. This lovely illustration.


3. And this one.


4. The detail of these keys, designed by Annie Atkins.


5. The fact that French boutique Nose developed an actual perfume inspired by Monsieur Gustave H.


6. This recipe for courtesan au chocolat. It exists.


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