Growing garden


About a month ago, we planted a little vegetable garden in the backyard. Post here. Even looking back through the pictures from the first garden post reminds me how much smaller they were when we planted them. (Look at that tiny basil sprout I’m packing in!) I’ve struggled with keeping plants alive in the past, so entered into this new garden with a little trepidation. It was one of my resolutions though, so I was also quite determined. And look! Our garden is growing beautifully. The strawberry plants have sprouted little white flowers, there are tiny green tomatoes on the vine, and a lovely purple flower on the eggplant stalk. (I’m quite curious about that one – growing eggplant is new to me.) Not to mention the sprouting herbs we planted from seed.


The budding garden is the pride of my week, although this week has been pretty top notch. The weather has been fairly cool and more than fairly windy, so I’ve been trying to take advantage of that by spending time outside. As you can see, Raena is loving the weather too. I’m almost done reading John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley and really enjoying it. All I want to do is buy an old RV and travel around America with a sweet canine friend. But really, that’s looking like a great option.


Also, I’m loving this graphic by Justina Blakeney. It pretty much sums up my relationship with my garden: little talent and lots of love.


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