Phoenix Book Swap & Flea Market


This weekend, Emily and Tommy joined Domenico and me in downtown Phoenix for a day of swapping. First, we went to Co-Op Phoenix’s Book Swap. We came in with a bag of books and left with a bag of new ones, which is pretty great, because Emily and I are always looking for new reading material. The event was pretty small (we got there just as it was getting going), but was very sweet and intimate. I picked up an old copy of Stephen Crane’s The Red Badge of Courage, and its previous owner saw me and told me how it had been treasured by her husband’s grandfather. I love finding used books because of the rich history that accompanies them – they’re so much more special than new books, in my opinion. Also, we kept finding these Little Free Libraries as we walked around downtown. I love this concept, and each “library” was so distinct and colorful.


After we claimed our new books, we walked down Roosevelt Row, admiring the street art (Emily was naming the muscles in this particular one), to Short Leash’s brick and mortar installment, Sit … Stay. Domenico and I have been going to their food truck for years, so it was exciting to bring Emily and Tommy to the actual restaurant. We ordered the Igby, Sunny, Bratwurst Stuffed Pretzel, and Crispy Dog, and they were all. so. good. The Igby continues to be my favorite though. All of the dog-themed decor makes this place even better. I love the wall of dogs in the back (Sebastian definitely looks like our Rae). So much dog love.


We then made our way over to Heritage Square, during which time I got another sunburn, for the Phoenix Flea Market. Welcome to (almost) summer in Arizona. I purchased an adorable swan planter, which I plan to fill with an indoor cactus, and a whale print from Mint Decor; an illustrated postcard of the historic Starlite Motel diving lady in Mesa from Floating Specks; a knitting pin; and some heart-shaped glasses. It was lovely to see so many artists and small business owners bring their handmade and vintage items to one little square. I also had one of the best waffles ever created from Waffle Love. Overall, the day was quite successful, though I may have overbought and overate a bit.

Plus, I got to spend the evening with my mom getting dinner and finally doing the painting class I bought her for Christmas. Now, where to put all of these flea market finds and my new painting? Our little house is running out of room.


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