My pin collection


Today, I’m sharing my pin collection. I started wearing pins and brooches a few years ago when I found some vintage ones in my mom’s jewelry chest. Still, one of my favorites is a gold crab she gave me that’s in honor of her zodiac sign, cancer. Since then, I’ve had my eye out at antique shops, thrift stores, and local arts and crafts stores. I’ve even made a few myself (see tiny ball of yarn and needles above).


I’m especially digging my Arizona/desert-themed pins lately. I mean, a sequin cactus and map of Phoenix? It hardly gets better than that. I was so sad when I recently ran the cactus through the washing machine on accident. Luckily, it made it through with just a few loose threads.

In other news, my class was cancelled today, so I spent the afternoon binge-watching Bates Motel. As in, the whole first season. Psycho is one of my favorite horror movies, so of course, I had to watch it. There’s nothing like a fully unproductive day. Also, happy spring!


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