Domenico’s thesis defense + MacAlpine’s Soda Fountain


On Friday, Domenico defended his thesis to a full room of family, friends, and colleagues (because we’re grown-up like that now). Get ready for the title – “Breaking the Italian News Cycle: A study of breaking news ethics, practices and promotion between The Arizona Republic and Italian media organizations.” This whole process began over a year ago when he started doing his research and it took him to Italy for over a month last summer. His grandma even made lasagna for the occasion, which we ate while his readers deliberated. Of course, he passed and was able to walk down to the office and turn in his thesis immediately. It was so exciting to see something that he’s been working on for a year come to fruition.


After his defense, his family and I made our way over to MacAlpline’s Soda Fountain, an adorable diner and vintage shop in downtown Phoenix.


We ordered ice cream (I got a black cherry ice cream soda) and browsed the treasures in the adjacent shop. I bought the bright orange top on the mannequin to the right – the latest addition to my collection of ’70s wear. Overall, it was a lovely day and a successful start to our spring break.


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