Valentine’s Day 2014

vdaylaboccalabocca2labocca3slickables3Domenico and I celebrated our eighth Valentine’s Day as a couple on Friday with some tasty Italian food and short films. We had planned to go to House of Tricks for dinner but are apparently ill-equipped to deal with the madness of Valentine’s Day, and therefore didn’t get a reservation in time. We ended up with an early-bird reservation of 4:30 p.m. at La Bocca. We ordered an assortment of bruschetta and a handmade pasta dish.

We then walked around Mill Avenue and dispersed my knitted hearts from the sheepish heart bomb. We put one on the handlebars of a bike and when we paced the stand again, the bike was gone, which was pretty exciting. Our next stop was Slickables, where we made our own ice cream sandwich with chocolate cookies and pistachio ice cream. So messy but so good.

Our last stop was to Camelview 5 where we watched the live action and animated Oscar-nominated short films. All were wonderful, some were really intense, some were beautifully funny. Thankfully we ended with the animated ones, which were a little more light-hearted.

books2We spent Saturday together as well, starting with Emily’s chocolate-covered strawberries for breakfast. We spent the rest of the day thrifting, picnicking in a park complete with ducks and turtles, and roaming the aisles of Phoenix’s annual VNSA book sale. It’s really overwhelming, guys, but I found these gems for a dollar each.

I hope your Valentine’s Day was as charming as ours!


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