February is in the air

IMG_0255It’s officially February! Here are a few reasons this month is so cool:

1. I’ve been blogging for a month. I think that’s pretty exciting.

2. It’s almost Valentine’s Day. Usually, Domenico and I don’t do anything too extravagant for Valentine’s Day. This year, we’re planning to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner at House of Tricks and spend the day together. I think the magic of Valentine’s Day is the sudden explosion of hearts, red, and pink everywhere. Just look at this lovely hearts yarn bombing I spotted outside a Phoenix parking lot. I’m looking forward to eating lots of treats, wearing too much pink, and creating some heart-themed knitting projects. I also really wish I could still dress up a little shoebox as a mailbox and make some sweet, handmade valentines for my classmates, but apparently that doesn’t happen in college.

3. It’s time to plant my garden. Last year, the garden didn’t come together, but I really want to follow through this year – plus, it’s one of my resolutions. I’ve been trying to decide which vegetables to include and where I want the plot to go.

4. I’m spending the end of the month in Seattle for the annual AWP conference. This is pretty intimidating, but I’m also quite excited to travel to one of my favorite cities, meet exciting people, and hear about what’s new in writing/publishing.

Happy February!


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