Ode to the Phoenix Public Market

pmbreadbar2groupThe Phoenix Public Market is one of the gems of downtown Phoenix, in my opinion. They host an open air market on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings with local farmers and craftsmen. On Fridays, some food trucks set up shop outside the market as well. And of course, the cafe is always selling tasty sandwiches and cute, local products. A few weeks ago, Domenico and I grabbed brunch with a group of friends at the cafe.

coffeepancakesdogI ordered a cappuccino and chickpea pancakes with bananas, pecans, and agave syrup. Oh my, so yummy. And it’s Phoenix, so of course, there are always cute dogs joining their people for brunch.

bardrinklinneaLast  night, we celebrated Linnea’s 21st at the market with some more tasty food and (alcoholic) drinks this time. That pretty drink above is a sangria, and the cute girl is Linnea. Yay for celebrating 21st birthdays at classy, local markets!


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