My New Favorite Corner


Emily had a 2013 calendar from Rifle Paper Co., one of our favorites, with illustrations of some of the world’s major cities. The graphics were so beautiful that we couldn’t bear just throwing it away after the year was out. We finally settled on making some framed collages for our living room. This little corner of our house is so colorful and whimsical – it’s my new favorite spot.



Even more exciting – I looked at their website after we finished our little project and saw that Rifle Paper sells identical prints, presumably on nicer paper, for $40 each. Now I’m all for supporting lovely stationary companies, but I’m also for poor college students saving money. We were so excited about what a little creativity and time can get you.



Also in the corner: One of my Christmas presents from Domenico was this colorful German box he saw me admiring in a vintage store in Payson. It became a new place to store our magazines. This lovely hanging birdcage came from Kaylie a few years ago. When wound, it plays a little tune and the bird spins around in her cage. I love this old photo of my parents. It came from a photo booth strip, and I used this method to transfer it to a canvas.


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